With the SP310 Softphone, users can make and receive calls via their PCs. When an incoming call is received, the Softphone automatically launches, and audio output is heard through the PC speakers. Users can have confidence that they are not missing calls even while they are not wearing their headsets.

As a mobile solution, the SP310 Softphone resides within your computer, so no additional equipment is needed to access all of its features from anywhere you can connect to your corporate network. It’s like taking your desktop phone with you. Even while on the road, a high-speed connection can be used to check voicemail and place calls while online. The SP310 Softphone provides many benefits to your organization. For example, it can facilitate:

  • Decreased desktop expenses through the purchase of fewer hardware terminals.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction by providing more mobility to employees.
  • Improved employee productivity by permitting alternate work environments.

The SP310 Softphone is a versatile component of the NEC Desktop Suite.