Customer satisfaction soars when their calls are handled smoothly, promptly and are directed to the right person for the information they need.

The Desktop Suite’s PC Attendant helps improve call management and increase productivity by placing a complete attendant console right on the operator’s PC. It enables operators to work more efficiently by giving them the ability to transfer and manage calls on-screen through a completely intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI).

The PC Attendant can view all User Extensions providing:

  • A status (busy, Do Not Disturb, forwarded, idle) view of all telephones.
  • Employee Presence (available, out of the office, expected return time).
  • Allows answering and distribution of calls through drag and drop.
  • Provides rapid retrieval of contact details.
  • Allows ‘point and click’ to dial phone numbers.
  • Allows Call Pickup, Call Park and quick Park Retrieval as well as access to Paging.
  • Allows live handoff as a supervised or blind transfer.

The PC Attendant does not restrict the ability to use the attendant telephone for call answering or transferring.