Desktop Suite's PC Assistant is about bridging the gap between the telephone and the PC. PC Assistant enables workers to get more done in less time by giving them the ability to manage telephone sets on their desktop PCs.

With just a few clicks of the mouse, users can easily access features such as speed dialing, call management and contact lookup while benefitting from seamless CRM integration. And, thanks to the robust networking capabilities of the UNIVERGE SV8100, all extensions can be networked on a single SV8100 system running the Desktop Suite.

Some of the benefits from implementing PC Assistant are:

  • Reducing Costs. Half the cost of running a service center or helpdesk is tied up in labor. Saving seconds on each call can make a big difference enabling employees to be more efficient, deliver a better service and dramatically reduce company overheads.
  • Increased Productivity. By implementing PC Assistant, an employee can reduce the average time looking for co-workers, ensuring that a higher percentage of call time is spent productively. This extra time can be used to handle a larger call volume, without increasing staffing levels.
  • Superior Customer Service. With PC Assistant, customer service can be improved by offering a faster, more personalized service based on caller ID or number dialed and minimizing time spent on the ‘discovery’ phase of the call.

With PC Assistant you are better equipping your employes to manage their calls and better serve your customers.