AVST Call Processing

AVST Call Processing

Increase Business Productivity With CallXpress

CallXpress can improve the productivity of your business, allowing you to reach your customers proactively and deliver timely information while reducing cost and human error.

CallXpress is a highly programmable call processing platform that can help an enterprise manage its voice messages, incoming calls and other informational requests. The CallXpress platform has the capabilities for voice messaging, automated attendant, call completion, personal call management, voice libraries, fax libraries and even interactive voice response and speech recognition. Discover the power of productivity that CallXpress delivers with our best-in-class applications.

CallXpress Helps Your Organization Do More

Callers can reach the appropriate person using a speech interface or DTMF Automated Attendant. It provides 24x7 call routing for such applications as:

  • Intelligent call routing
  • Operating hours
  • Driving directions
  • Corporate directories
  • Audio menus
  • Fax libraries
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